The 3 x 3

Zeroing In On the Meaning of a Text

This activity is designed to force you to pare the meaning of a work down to its essentials. Your final product will be 3 sentences of 3 words in each--no more, no less.

Step 1: Individually, create 3 sentences using 3 words each that speak to the heart of The Awakening.

Step 2: Now in a group of 3-4, share your 3 x 3s and collaboratively create one that the group likes best.

Step 3: Each group will share their 3 x 3, and the class will create one final draft they can all agree on.

Example 3 x 3s for “A Good Man is Hard to Find”

Plot focused:

Grandmother manipulates Bailey.

Deception alters vacation.

Anguished Misfit destroys.

Theme focused:

People tell lies.

Dark roads lure.

Doubt creates violence.